Privacy Policy

It is so remarkable that people are continuously visiting our website for the purchase of medications. Along with selling goods, we also provide quality services such as fast delivery and overnight shipping, etc. More so, as you move further and make the purchase, make sure you go through the Policy terms of our website.

In simple words, there are some terms that may affect the user’s personal information. Likewise, it is necessary that you go through and then make up your mind to continue using our services. Furthermore, we want to inform you that if you continue using our site, it will simply translate that you agree to the terms. Thus, if you do not, make sure you leave the site at once without making any further connections.

Personal Data Storage:

While visiting the website for the purchase of goods and services, we always take your permission before collecting any personal data. It generally includes the user’s – name, address, contact number, email ID, ZIP code, and other details. Such information is basically needed to check the person’s genuineness, and we use them for delivery and other promotional activities.

Cookies storage:

As you begin to go through our site, our bots working in the backend collect some of your usual information. It includes – the browser name, browser history, IP address and cookies. It helps us know about your interests so that the same ads appear on your page. Also, we do several updates at times, and if there’s an issue, we’ll know if it’s from your end or our side.

Protect User’s Identity:

Though we collect information from the user’s end, we do not get involved in any activity that goes against the rules of cyber cells. More so, we believe in maintaining the secrecy of the customer’s personal information. Further, we never share any data that reflects your – race, colour, citizenship, mental or physical condition, etc. In addition, there is no involvement of third-party sites on our website.

Use of Your Personal Data:

The data that we collect from our user’s end, we do not share with any other medium. More so, it fulfils the need for our services that include –

  • Display ads that are relevant as per the user’s preference and choice
  • Detect technical errors that appear on the site depending on different browser settings
  • Inform customers about promotional offers, discounts and other relatable information.
  • Ease in making a delivery to the customer by knowing their complete address and contact details
  • Monitor our services and provide aid beforehand so that the customer doesn’t face inconvenience.

Disclosure of Information:

Sometimes, there are scenes that need proper assistance, and to solve them, we may require your data. In addition, if there’s any theft to the site, we may go through the user’s personal information for the right reasons. Also, if there is any need to disclose your personal data as per the country’s law enforcement, we may do so as well.

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